About Work From Form

Work From Form aims to create a community and a dialogue around work. To try to make sense of it in this day and age.

We have been told over and over again that only “serious”, or “stable” jobs are worth pursuing. Laywers, economists and managers were at the top of an enforced hierarchy. No longer…

I believe work is being redefined by people who want something more out of their jobs. Why not have a career that is flexible, that represents our interests, in which we are the owners of our time and labor? Why not have multiple projects that tackle different capabilities? Why not surround ourselves with people who know that success goes way beyond the paycheck and includes freedom to be with their loved ones and to pursue other interests?

Ther’s a big opporunity to create the jobs we want to have and that we are good at, and actually make money out of them. Let’s talk about it.

Topics I’ll be exploring throughout the newsletter:

  • Future of work

  • Remote work

  • Creativity and originality

  • Philosophy of work

  • Learning and productivity

  • Startup and entrepreneurial culture

  • Goals and success

  • Passion and craft

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Be part of a community of people who are interested in the possibilities of focused, creative, purposeful work. Who want to redefine what their work is and how to achieve it.

About Me

I’m Santi, founder of Form Consulting, where I help clients redefine their work, not only as a money-making activity but as a project that provides meaning, growth and fulfillment too.

I know that we can live a life filled with meaning, a sense of purpose, creativity and agency. I’ve been tinkering with systems, processes and frameworks to help people realize this simple truth: you don’t have to work in a job you don’t like. Period.

In a (recent) past life, I was a consultant, developing marketing and innovation strategies for some of the world's largest consumer goods companies.

Before that I dipped my toes into the world of magazines and film distribution.

I consider myself a professional amateur. I let my curiosity guide me through a constant variety of interests like science fiction, architecture, gardening, philosophy, food, Minecraft, and mythology.

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